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 Snowy Swaythling
Following heavy overnight snowfall, a few photos from Swaythling station, blanketed in snow 02/12/10
An hour spent at Eastleigh in Hampshire with a number of liners passing through 01/12/10
 September Loco Hauled
Some photos taken during September of the FGW loco hauled workings, both of which are now withdrawn September 2010
 River Teign
A lunchtime spent alongside the River Teign, where 1Z46 Preston - Paignton was due to pass. Rather typically the 'Summer' weather was cold, windy and cloudy! 28/08/10
 East Devon Wanderings
A Saturday afternoon spent at Exminster to see 'The Cornish Riviera' hauled by 6024 and 5029, also Powderham and Cockwood on a very warm June day. Unfortunately a lineside fire in Cornwall caused the plan to see a pair of 'Grids' return from Kernow scrapped 26/06/10
An hour at rural Follaton, near Totnes, to see the XC HST and 66615 on the sand from Cornwall. Yet again - full marks to the weather! 22/06/10
 Shaldon Solstice
Half an hour spent along the banks of the River Teign on the longest day of the year, with view across to the railway line, with the FGW loco hauled service being the main target 21/06/10
 South Devon Railway Diesel Gala
The yearly visit to the South Devon Railway, with the morning spent near Caddaford in order to see the newly repainted 37, now featuing yellow ends. The sun even came out.  12/06/10
 Tropical Devon
A morning spent in Devon, with tropical temperatures and wall to wall sunshine forecast. It didn't dissapoint. Bring on summer! 22/05/10
 Aller Tours
A visit to Aller, on the outskirts of Newton Abbot, to see two railtours due through at a similar time inluding the rare pairing of D1015 and 40145 15/05/10
 Goodrington Sidings
A photo of 67018, the only class 67 in DB red livery on the First Great Western loco hauled set as it lays over in Goodrington yard 12/05/10
Owing to clear blue skys, I decided to try and get the loco hauled working to Paignton in full sun, at nearby Hollicombe 12/04/10
A trip to a very sunny Teignmouth sea wall to see 66101 working the 1Z27 charter from Whitchurch to Parkandillick, along with the usual in some lovely spring sunshine 10/04/10
 South Devon Bubble
A couple of photos of pioneer Bubble Car W55000 preserved on the South Devon Railway near Staverton, recently outshopped into BR Green livery 14/03/10
 Royals to Newton Abbot
Needed 67006, so took a trip to Newton Abbot on the loco hauled set, with some photos along the way 12/02/10
 A Royal Affair
A trip to see 67006 and 67005 on the Paignton loco hauled diagram near Hollicombe. Both locos being the dedicated Royal Train locos 09/02/10
 From the Archives : June 2006
A look back at the archives, from the very warm month of June 2006 with photos being re-mastered June 2006
 Great Western Wanderings
A day spent rovering around the Great Western region, including an HST vice a 150/1 on a Cardiff - Taunton local service 30/01/2010

 Review of 2009
Our review of the year 2009! 2009
 Devon Loco Hauled
A trip out of First Great Westerns new loco hauled service from Paignton to Cardiff on a bitterly cold December day 18/12/09
 Hollicombe Locos
A photo from just outside Paignton at Hollicombe of the brand new loco hauled service operated by Deutshe Bahn on behalf of First Great Western. 16/12/09
 South West Trains Finale
Saturday 12th December 2009 marked the last day of South West Trains running west of Exeter. Here are a few photos from that final day. Weren't they good? 12/12/09
 Devon Dawdlings
A Saturday spent raking up the HST miles in Devon, on a typical November day with sun, rain and wind 28/11/09
A day spent on a travelcard around London visiting various locations across the capital 27/10/09
 South Devon RHTT
Some photos from the Newton Abbot area of 66153 and 66116 top and tailing the Rail Head Treatment Train based at St Blazey (Par) 04/10/09
 Bodmin & Wenford Diesel Gala
A day on the clay, on the Bodmin & Wenford Diesel gala. An excellent event, with some sterling perfomances from 50042 26/09/09
 Saturday around Devon
A Saturday spent around a damp Devon on a day ranger 22/08/09
 Torbay "Skip" Express
Two photos from Sugarloaf of 67005 substituting for 6024 King Edward on the Torbay Express 16/08/09
 DRS "Seaside Express"
Some photos of the return Rail-Blue charter from Paignton to Chesterfield, in the midlands. DRS provided two class 47s to work the tour. 15/08/09
 Rovering around First Great Western
Another rover spent travelling around the Thames Valley and many other First Great Western routes 11/08/09
 Newquay High Speed Train
A rather low speed trip on the humble HST down to the seaside town of Newquay. This year with a hired in National Express HST in full corporate livery 01/08/09
 Oliver Cromwell pays a visit
An afternoon out in order to see 70013 Oliver Cromwell returning with a Plymouth - Birmingham New Street charter 25/07/09
 First Great Western Network
A weekend spent travelling across the length and breadth of the First Great Western network 10/07/09 - 12/07/09
 Tornado does the Torbay Express
A photo from Sugarloaf of 60163 Tornado working the Torbay Express to Bristol 05/07/09
 Devon Tours
Some photos taken from around Devon chasing the two railtours that passed through the region both destined for celebrations in Penzance 27/06/09
 South Devon Railway Diesel Gala
Another excellent event on the South Devon Railway, featuring the first public running of 33002 restored by South Devon Diesel Traction 13/06/09
 Heart of Wessex
Some photos from a Heart of Wessex day ranger in and around Bristol, Bath, Wiltshire and Dorset  06/06/09
 Cornish Parker
A trip to Dawlish Warren to see the return 1Z74 Par - Crewe 'Cornish Parker' railtour. 37670 "St Blazey T&RSD' and 37401 both operating the tour.  16/05/09
 Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway "Heritage Festival"
Some photos from the Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railways second heritage festival event, including Nunney Castle, double headed trains and a demonstration event. Updated 10th May with a photo of Nunney Castle's last working on the line 09/05/09 & 10/05/09
 Torbay Boat Coast Train
A new location on the Paignton & Dartmouth Steam railway to see 47804 working 1Z47 0435 Norwich - Kingswear "Torbay Boat Coast Train" 18/04/09
 Saltern Cove
A visit to Saltern Cove, on the Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway, to see 67029 "Royal Diamond" working an empty stock working to Kingswear. 17/04/09
 Newton Abbot & Aller
Some photos from around Newton Abbot whilst awaiting D1015 to return to London on a charter, eventually running some 40 minutes late when passing Newton Abbot. 05/04/09
 Starcross & Powderham
A trip to a foot crossing to the north of Starcross on a very blusterry March day, resulting in some interesting weather conditions. 28/03/09
 Devon Day Ranger
A trip around Devon on a day ranger. 07/03/09
 Taunton - Cardiff Loco Hauled
A second trip on the loco hauled set being used by FGW to cover for unit availability. 18/02/09
 Devon Wanderings
A trip around a snowy Devon. Perfect conditions were to be had with settled snow at a number of locations along with wall to wall sunshine for most of the day.07/02/09
 Paignton Area
Some photos from around the Paignton area, including Hollocombe. As a result of scheduled engineering near Totnes, Cross Country diverted their services to Paignton for the 2 week duration. 19/01/09
 Review of 2008
 A review of 2008, based on the sightings of South West Railways, Happy New Year! 31/12/08
 A few hours spent at Taunton, having been forecast sunny conditions. A few XC HSTs made an appearance along with the usual 29/12/08
 FGW Loco Hauled
 A trip up to Bristol and Cardiff to sample the FGW loco hauled set working in place of a unit due to low availability. The set was working between Cardiff and Taunton 19/12/08
 South Devon Railway
 A trip to the South Devon Railway during half price weekend, closing the 2008 season on the railway 01/11/08
 October Misc
 Various photos from October including a trip to Exmouth and also storms in Torbay
 A trip to Dawlish for Tangmere on the final Torbay Express of 2008 in spectacular September sunshine 28/09/08
 Torbay Whistler
 Some photos from around Torbay of the "Torbay Whistler" charter from Tame Bridge Parkway - Kingswear 20/09/08
 Saturday Wanderings 
 A number of images from around the South West, including the 33s to Weymouth and 'spoons' from Plymouth - Norwich 23/08/08
 Severn Tunnel Junction 
 An afternoon spent at Severn Tunnel Junction, just inside Wales 15/08/08
 A trip to Newquay on the National Express hire-in Cross Country HSTs running from Manchester to the Cornish seaside resort and return 02/08/08
 Evening at Aller
An evening spent at Aller, near Newton Abbot for the Torbay Express and Cross Country HST 27/07/08 
 Torbay Express
 Photos from sugarloaf of 6024 working the Torbay Express 20/07/08


 Freedom of South West day 2
 Photos from around the Bristol, Gloucestershire area and also from Newport and Swindon on the second day of a Freedom of South West rover 18/07/08
 Freedom of South West day 1
 Photos from around the South West of England, mainly in the Southampton area 17/07/08
 Cross Country and Weymouth skips
 A trip around on the Cross Country Saturday HSTs also allowed a journey on the Weymouth 67s 05/07/08
A few photos from a sunny afternoon in Dawlish 30/06/08 
 Dawlish Deltic
 Some photos from Langstone rock and the surrounding area for 55022 on a railtour to Penzance 28/06/08
 Paignton Pudden
 Photos from around Paignton of the "Paignton Pudden" railtour from Crewe consisting of 37606 and 37423 22/06/08
 Weymouth & Dorset
 A trip to Weymouth on the extra loco-hauled set included a trip to Lymington 15/06/08
 Cross Country HSTs
 The first weekend of Cross Country hire-ins brought the sound of Valentas back to the South West of England 24/05/08
 A few photos from around the Teignmouth area in sunny conditions with an appearance from the Cross Country HST 23/05/08
 Paignton and Dartmouth wanderings
 Two photos from the Paignton & Dartmouth Steam railway over a hot may weekend 10/05/08 - 11/05/08
 South Devon Railway Diesel Gala
 Photos from another excellent event at the South Devon Railway with the regular performers along with visiting locos from Advenza 26/04/08
 Paignton and Dartmouth Heritage weekend
 Some photos takes around Torbay of the event which included a public outing for 25185, a first for the P&DSR  20/04/08
 Around Devon
A number of photos from a day spent around Devon  12/04/08 


 Starcross & Newton Abbot
 A number of photos around Devon including the VSOE heading for Cornwall where it spent the week 11/04/08
 The Royal Duchy

 Some photos near Newton Abbot of Western Champions visit to Penzance 05/04/08

 Wiltshire Diversions
 Photos from a few locations around Wiltshire for diverions due to engineering works near Swindon in all kinds of weather, also including a number of Rugexs heading to South Wales 22/03/08
 Dawlish Interlude
 Pictures from around Dawlish including the 5Z44 stock move along with a visit to a location nearby to Starcross 18/02/08


 Wiltshire Diversions
Many shots from a day in Wiltshire with diverted trains due to engineering at Didcot. Includes photos from around Bristol during the night 02/02/08 


 January Jaunts
A number of photos from around Devon in a welcome spell of sunshine after a month of fairly persistent rain. 26/01/08


Devon Photos from a day ranger around Devon 29/12/07
Devon Donkeys  A few photos of the recently re-instated class 142 'Nodding Donkeys' in Devon 22/12/07
FGW Valenta Farewell FGW ran a farewell diagram formed of 43002 and 43003 seen here in Devon and Somerset 01/12/07
Westbury Some day and night shots at Westbury 27/10/07
Teignmouth A few photos from some locations along the river Teign east from Teignmouth 23/10/07
Dawlish Warren An autumnal scene at Dawlish Warren 20/10/07
Goodrington 40145 at Goodrington 08/09/07
Aller A few shots from an hour at Aller in September sunshine 03/09/07
Broadsands Two photos at Broadsands for the Torbay Express with 37410 and 417 due to failure of the King 02/09/07
Sugarloaf Some photos of the Torbay Express at this picturesque location 26/08/07
Taunton A number of shots at Taunton on a busy summer Saturday in glorious weather 25/08/07
Devon Various A few shots taken during a dull August week in Devon August 07
Mainline Meanderings A few pictures from various locations on the mainline in Devon 03/08/07
July 2007 Various pictures from July 2007 July 07
Sea Wall Some shots from Dawlish and Horse Cove 14/07/07
Cotswold to Kingswear A shot of the 47 tour to Kingswear 23/06/07
Fifty to Paignton  Some photos in Dawlish of 50049s visit to Paignton 16/06/08
South Devon Diesel gala Shots from a great day on the SDR diesel gala featuring the home fleet along with 31108 09/06/07
Wiltshire and Avon area  33 Photos from around Wiltshire and Avon and various other places around Bristol 31/05/07
May Bank Holiday  A few photos from around Dawlish 26/05/07
PDSR May 2007 Shots on the Paignton an Dartmouth Steam Railway during May May 07
Aller Area A few pics in April sunshine around Aller 18/04/07
St Ives Line A few locations on the St Ives branch 15/04/07
Freightliner Diversions A trip to Westbury and Warminster to see the various liner diversions due to engineering at Basingstoke 11/04/07
April Saturday Photos from locations around Devon in glorious weather 07/04/07
Cardiff A trip around the Cardiff Valleys 31/03/07
Devon Various A few from locations in Devon in the March sun 24/03/07
Westbury A few photos around Westbury in Wiltshire 24/02/07
Exeter A few pictures around Exeter 21/02/07
Paignton Engineering February half term sees buses replacing trains at Paignton February 07
Cockwood Harbour A few hours in February sun at this picturesque location. 03/02/07
Dawlish Warren A few hours at Dawlish Warren. 21/01/07
Dorset A trip from Paignton-Newton Abbot-Castle Cary- Weymouth- Brockenhurst- Lymington- Brockenhurst- Southampton- Westbury- Newton Abbot- Paignton to see the soon to be withdrawn class 442 Wessex Electrics


Older Photos (Pre 2007) can be found here
All photos are taken with a Fuji FinePix S6500fd that is capable of taking photographs of up to 6 mega pixels. All photographs are resized to allow for quicker downloads and easier viewing at a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. It is recommended to view the galleries when using a broadband connection due to the number of images present in some of the galleries. All images are copyrighted to South West Railways 2005-2008 and you must contact us if you wish to re-use any images found on South West Railways.